Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My New TV Pick

Picture: History Channel

So, I have a new television show that I am in love with: American Pickers. This show is about two guys (Mike Wolfe & Frank Fritz) and one gal (Danielle Colby Cushman) that make up the business named Antique Archeology. Mike and Frank are the pickers that drive around the U.S. in their van going to people's houses, places of business, barns, run down sheds, and pretty much anywhere they see trash treasures laying around in people's yards. Alot of the time they just show up and introduce themselves to people and sometimes they have a lead from Danielle (back in their home of Le Claire, Iowa) who finds these places for them. One place can lead to another, so they are self proclaimed "treasure hunters".
They find all kinds of things that people collect that they can negotiate with them and buy, but then they clean it up and sell for themselves for a profit. Generally the kinds of things that get them excited are oil cans, old bicycles, movie posters, old cameras, etc. They have a good eye for things and are pretty funny and entertaining to watch! It's sort of like Antique Roadshow meets Hoarders!
This show is on the History Channel at various times, so go to their website for show listings. I usually just let the TiVo do the work for me and watch it with my parents in the evening! It kinda makes me wanna give up dental hygiene and become a picker!


Crazy Shenanigans said...

Haha! I haven't even seen a preview for this show! It sounds really interesting!

JMJE said...

Sounds like an entertaining show. Maybe I need to branch out and watch other shows besides reruns of nbc comedies this summer.