Friday, August 20, 2010

The Day Phil Surprised Me For My Birthday

Three years ago, Phil gave me a surprise birthday party! It wasn't that big and there wasn't very many people, but I will always remember him being so thoughtful. It was a little bit before my birthday so it would surprise me, but also because this was to be the year that I would have my birthday alone for the first time in Morgantown. The only people I knew there were my married roommates from back home, but it turns out that my birthday is also their dating anniversary, so I spent my day alone in my apartment in my room all by myself... Anyways, this was meant to be a pity party, because they made up for it by having me a party when Phil was in town! Here is the beautiful cake they made me and my roommate Josh:

Phil said he was going to be taking me out to dinner for my birthday, but wouldn't tell me where. He ended up taking me to Red Lobster because he knew I liked it and he hates it. After dinner we told me we were then going to see a movie! We got there and my friends Heather and Kyle were there to surprise me too! We saw "The Simpsons Movie" which I had been wanting to see. After the movie, we said our goodbyes but when we got back to my place they were there waiting with balloons and cupcakes for me! It was a great time that I will never forget!

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