Monday, July 18, 2011

Week #41

This is what I did this past week, although it may not be the entire week, at least I am posting it! Again, there are multiple pictures of some of the days!

Day 281

We (Phil, Adam, Sarah, Michael, & I) went to the Vandalia Gathering this Sunday to see Adam compete in the annual WV Liar's Contest! The food vendor's are pretty good, but I had a hot bologna sandwich (does anyone else have to sing the spelling part of the Oscar Meyer song when typing this word?!) that was not very tasty. It was in a spicy bbq sauce which I didn't care for cause I usually like b-o-l-o-g-n-a.

This picture shows Adam winning first place as WV's Biggest Liar for the third time! He got a certificate, blue ribbon, and a golden shovel!

This is Phil acting like he is hitting me with the golden shovel.

This is Adam holding onto the Capital as well as his blue ribbon and golden shovel.

Adam is putting the golden shovel to use on the Capitol grounds.

Sadly, I did not get a picture of Sarah & Michael. Sad face.

After Vandalia, we ate the traditional sushi dinner. Later that evening, Adam came over to play a game of MegaMan with Phil and eat some Jolly Pirate donuts.

Day 282

Happy Memorial Day!

Here are pictures of my new Jumbo Waver and the effects of it on my hair. This is a horrid picture of me, but my hair is even more terrible! I don't think it's because of the waver, but because it needs cut badly!

This picture is of my new cell phone and proof that my friend, Jeffs, actually texted me back! It says, "I thought of you yesterday when i was ordering a blueberry donut :) they didn't have any whole wheat". It is common knowledge amongst my bffs that Jeffs loves a whole wheat donut!