Quirky Things You May Not Know About Me

1.  I cannot stand to wash lettuce.

2.  I have hated spiders since a friend during Marshall’s marching band practice had a spider lay eggs in her leg and I had to take her to the ER.  

3.  I have trichotillomania. But I try to keep it under control.

4.  When asked what my favorite thing was when I was young and at bible school, my reply was “Bourbon”. What they didn’t know was that was my dog’s name.
5.  I don’t like peas (unless in my mom‘s vegetable soup), pimento cheese spread (sliced is okay), beef, thousand island dressing, rye bread, or beets.

6.  I have had globus syndrome. Not fun.

7.  I was a legal 21 when I first got drunk.

8.  I have never been hung over until Spring 2009 when at a wedding my best friend convinced me to take shots of scotch with her even though I knew better. 

9.  I hate talking on the phone. Still trying to remedy that.

10.  If there is a hole to jump in on a video game, I fall in it.

11.  Phil and I met online and now we are engaged!

12.  My car’s name is “The Mole” because he is sneaky.

13.  I quit eating beef in 6th grade just to be different/defiant. Now I don’t really like it at all.

14.  Some of my “husbands” include, but are not limited to: Randy Travis, Donnie Osmond, and Harrison Ford.

15.  I want to go see Oprah on her episode where she gives everything away and don't understand why anyone wouldn't want to go!

16.  I tease Phil how I want to start a Cat Farm when we get married, but I am halfway serious.

17.  I could see myself easily becoming a hoarder, but after watching “Hoarders” I am determined not to become one.

18.  I do not like sarcastic humor, I think that it is rude.

19.  I had never had a cavity until I went to dental hygiene school. At least it’s not a big one that needs a filling!

20.  I never really flossed until I went to dental hygiene school…. hmmmmmmm…. See #19. *I still floss and recommend flossing!*

21.  I like to sleep on top of my comforter with another blanket on top instead up under my sheets.

22.  I can’t stand to start reading or watching a tv show in the middle of a series. I must start from the beginning!

23.  I like to hold onto my paper towels after I use them to dry my hands. You will most likely see them laying around my house when I finally let them go. It’s a bit of an obsession.

24.  I love all things Audrey Hepburn.

25.  I believe in magic.

26.  Phil and I have had 3 suncat fishes named “Hulk”.

27.  I wish that I was born with red hair so it would look good on me.

28.  I'm very picky when it comes to my purses.

29.  The jacaranda tree became my favorite tree after I saw it in the movie "What Dreams May Come".
30.  I love the taste of Pepto Bismol!

    32.  I like to buy paperback books more than hardbacks and they all have to to be in the same style so they match.

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