Saturday, April 21, 2012

Wedding Honeymoon

Phil and I had originally planned on hitting the road to Orlando right after the reception was over, but a day or so beforehand we decided that we would need our sleep that night! And boy were we right about that!

So the next day we woke up early, grabbed some Tudor's Biscuit World, and got on the road to our honeymoon destination. Our wedding caterers were gracious enough to pack us up some of our reception food. That turned into our lunch later that day, and it was still soooo good! We used the microwave at a gas station to heat it up, worked out great!

We didn't make it all the way that night and decided to stay in a hotel and get to Disney World the next morning refreshed and ready to hit the parks! We were super excited when we got there! Day 1 we went to the Magic Kingdom!

- How about the scariest, creepiest, or trippiest cruise that every sailed! I remember thinking this when I went on the It's A Small World ride when I was little!

- On the teacups!

We came back to our hotel that night to a delivery of champagne in a Mickey basket for us!

Day 2 we went to Blizzard Beach, Downtown Disney, and Disney Quest!

- Phil really liked Disney Quest! He probably could live there.

- Outside the Lego Store is a lake with a giant lego serpant!

Day 3 we went to Epcot!

- Got to meet The Mouse!

- Yay Captain EO!

- I just took a picture of myself with the expensive donut ears on!

- Our bride and groom mickey ears we purchased!

Day 4 we went to Hollywood Studios!

- Ginormous delicious cupcake!

Day 5 we went to Animal Kingdom!

- went on the safari ride and saw the giraffes!

- It seemed like there were a lot of characters around the Animal Kingdom, more than any other park. Lilo & Stitch were by far the most fun cause they interacted with us the most!

We woke up the next morning after Animal Kingdom and left, then drove all the way home that day.

We were so tired after our honeymoon! I don't remember my feet hurting that bad ever! We kind of needed a vacation from our vacation when we got home. We sure did have a fun time though!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Wedding Photo Booth

This is the last of the wedding photos! There are so many that it took me forever to condense them down to the few that I have posted on here over that last couple weeks. I leave you with pictures involving the photo booth that we used as the favor to all our guests! We got in on the hilarity too! The funny part is the CD we received from the photo booth company that had all the photos taken that night on it! Oh my, people are funny! I will save them by not posting those pictures on here! haha

Phil & I take a turn, with Hulk of course...

Let the funny begin... This last photo is of me & Phil, and is off that CD the company gave us! hahahaWell, I hope you all have enjoyed seeing our wedding photos! Maybe there will be some honeymoon pictures next week!

Photos by the wild & wonderful Melissa Perella!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Wedding Fun

Our wedding reception was a lot of fun! There was a lot of dancing going on there and I even got Phil out on the dance floor a couple times! Here are a some pictures that make me smile and laugh alot too!

Father-Daughter Dance...

My RDH girls...

Soul Train...

Me and Adam being sneaky, who knows what we were up to!

Our nephew, Cooper...Train time, as in follow the leader/conga line dance, and Phil holding onto my train!

Such a great feeling being surrounded by our family and friends...

The funny continues next week...

Photos by the clever and witty Melissa Perella!

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Wedding Yum

Our food was so good at our wedding! The garlic mashed potatoes were my favorite, along with our brownie cake!

We had a buffet...

The beautiful and delicious brownie cake we cut into (since Phil doesn't like cake)...

The yummy cupcakes...

Cutting the {brownie} cake...

No messy faces here!

Look forward to more fun next week!

Scrumptious photography by Melissa Perella!