Monday, August 9, 2010

Incredible(y Geeky)

When Phil and I started dating he was into a game called HeroClix, mostly based on comic book characters. He would go down to the local comic book/gaming store to play with his friends and occasionally I would join him. He would try to teach me how to play but it was something I didn't really enjoy. I did like looking at all the comic book character figures they all collected. My favorite had to be The Hulk, and that is where it all began...After Phil noticed how much I liked The Hulk, he - bringing me with him - began to get a little obsessed. He claims he liked the Hulk before I came along, but I think it is still my doing! He started buying the comic books and movies, and even named 3 of our fish Hulk.
All of this was fine with me, but then he started asking me if it would be okay to purchase an inflatable Hulk like this:And this 8 foot tall Incredible Hulk statue:
This is where I drew the line, but I hope he was just asking about these to get a reaction from me! I never realized that picking a comic character to like based on the fact that he is green could lead to all of this!

Do the men in your life have crazy/geeky obsessions?
Do you like the Incredible Hulk too?
Is your favorite color green?

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