Monday, December 13, 2010

Week #16

Welcome to Week 16 of my Pic-A-Day Challenge! We are getting closer and closer to Christmas and I keep getting more and more excited as time goes on! I love giving the gifts to the people I love and I love watching the little ones open their presents! Here's what I did this week.

Day 106: It snowed every day here for like a week and this is sadly the only photo I got of the snow. On my way back into my house, from walking Phil to his car cause he had to go home, I took this pic of the solar light shining on the snow.

Day 107: Today was a Y day! I went and worked out this day (I usually go to the Y on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays) and then had to come back this evening to go to my healthy weight loss class I've joined. I took this pic of the outside of the Y cause the windows, on the second floor where the workout room is, were all steamed up due to the temperature difference inside and outside. Hard work going on in there!

Day 108: Pablo came over to visit us from next door. He told us that it was too cold outside and my cousins forgot to let him back inside. When we heard them calling for him, he didn't want to go back out in the chilly weather! I sure do miss having a doggy.

Day 109: Mom and I decorated the mantle today. I think it turned out beautiful! I love the pinecones she added!

Day 110: Today I was not feeling being awake. I lounged around for a long while on my couch with my warm blankie until Mom wanted me to go to Hobby Lobby with her. On our way there, we stopped by the Starbucks and saw Rachel!

Day 111: Just wanted to show you some of the Christmas cards I've recieved!

Day 112: Saturday, Phil and I went to pick up his grandmother and take her to the mall for some of the final gifts she needed to purchase. I showed you her tree last year here, and this year it is just about the same minus the hundreds of red bows! I kind of miss them, but know they had to be a real pain to put on each year.

I hope everyone has a fabulous week!

Are you almost done with your holiday shopping?
Are you finished with your decorating?


JMJE said...

I like the Christmas cards. I'm ready to start recieving more in the mail.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I love it when the windows at the Y get like that!!