Monday, December 6, 2010

Week #15

Hello everyone! This week I hit triple digits on the days I've been doing this and we also have entered the last month of the year! And with Christmas fastly approaching, you'll notice that most of the pictures are holiday related.

Day 99: On this Sunday, Phil and I decided we needed to get some wrapping done on our presents so he could start taking those for his family to his grandmother's house. Our method of wrapping is me doing the actual wrapping of the gift and him handing me tape when I need it and writing the name tag. It worked out pretty well!

Day 100: This day was a dark one. I did not want to get out of bed cause I thought it was still night time! This was a precursor to all the snow we got the rest of the week.

Day 101: Found an ad for a dental hygienist job today! Printed a resume off and got it ready to mail out the next day.

Day 102: Finished and sent out some of my Christmas cards today (along with that resume)! Didn't see when I bought my cards that there was "Extra Postage Needed" on some of them. Boo! Also went to the mall and ran into a friend from high school that is now a dental assistant! She recommended that I apply to her office cause they would be hiring for a part-time position soon! It also started snowing today and has snowed every day since!

Day 103: Went to Walmart to see if I could get an idea for another Christmas present for Phil. Ended up only getting some Buffalo Cheddar Kettlecorn by Popcorn, Indiana! Popcorn, Indiana is one of my newest favorite things! This flavor is pretty good, but my fave is the Chocolate Fudge!

Day 104: Finally got the bows on all the presents after a trip to Hobby Lobby!

Day 105: Phil and I made some of Kathy Burch's famous Christmas candy so Phil could take it to work again this year! We tried making some dark chocolate ones this year and they were okay, but the white chocolate kind is still my favorite!

What did you all do this week?

Are you ready for Christmas?

Any ideas of what I should get for Phil?

Happy Hanukkah!


Jennifer Fabulous said...

Omg I love that popcorn. I'm totally craving some right now! Lol. :P

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I got your Christmas card!!!

JMJE said...

That Christmas candy looks awesome. You are much better at gift wrapping than I am.