Monday, December 20, 2010

Week #17

Only one more week until Christmas people! Can you believe it? This past week, there was a lot of decorating, snow, and nostalgia going on!

Day 113: I decorated my little Christmas tree today! My mom and I got a new, bigger star for the top of our big Christmas tree so I took the old one! Yay! I secretly like the old one better and it has a lot of memories attached to it, so I'm happy I can put it on mine and Phil's tree for year's to come!

Day 114: Mom and I decorated the big Christmas tree today! Dad put up the tree the night before and hung the lights on it, but then mom and I put the decorations on. We got some silver beaded garland and some silver bulbs this year for something different. Then we hung our old familiar and favorite ornaments.

Day 115: My parents got a beautiful white poinsettia and I love it! I also got to work my temporary job again today! It makes me sad to think that I want someone to call in sick so I can have my chance! I really don't want them sick, maybe just playing hooky!

Day 116: Mom spent like 2 weeks working on her picture arrangement seen here. She had to get just the right frames and have our whole family displayed. I think it turned out really pretty!

Day 117: Today was a lovely snow day! I stayed around the house, scared that I couldn't get down the hill that I live on, and listened to some old music I haven't heard in a while!

Day 118: I ventured off my hill today to go to the YMCA. My hill was fairly clear, just mostly slushy. All the main roads in town were clear, but the side roads were a different story, like seen here on the street the Y is on. Guess, I should have been paying attention to the road more while driving instead of trying to take a picture! Ha!

Day 119: Phil and I were out and about today and on our way to Applebee's for dinner, I saw that the Keith Albee sign was proudly flashing! This was very nostalgic for me and made the snow-filled downtown, with its lighted snowflakes, look very picturesque!

I want to wish everyone luck this week at finishing up their last minute Christmas preparations!

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Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I didn't think I was going to be able to get out in the snow either!! It was crazy! I don't think they salted at all the first day! It looks like you had a super festive week!