Monday, March 21, 2011

Week #30

I was pretty busy last week work-wise... then the weekend was filled with fun and wedding stuff! The bad part is that I forget to take pictures of some of the things that matter the most! It's the small little things that I'm like "Oh! I'll take a pic of that!" but I guess I'm so wrapped up in the moment during lots of wedding planning fun! I really need my wedding photographer to follow me around all the time! Sorry this is late, enjoy!

Day 204: I was at Phil's house this Sunday, and we decided to take his nephew on a little field trip to Kmart and GameStop on a quest for an Xbox game he and Phil could play together. We got to the Kmart just fine and dandy, and even bought some delicious and addicting Thin Mints (pictured, then gobbled) from the Girl Scouts. Anyway, after that we were on our way to GameStop when Alec says "I'm gonna puke" about 5 seconds before he does. Vomit is everywhere. It stinks. I feel bad for the little guy! Phil complained all week about this situation in his car and dumped about hundred different products on his car seat to get the smell to go away. Arm & Hammer was the winner! Sorry to incorporate the delicious picture of Girl Scout Cookies with this story!

Day 205: I woke up extra early cause I had a temp job today! It was at the dental clinic I've been filling in for since September. About 10 minutes into my 30 minute drive, I get a call from the girl I was filling in for saying that the clinic was cancelling all patients for the day due to a death in the dentist's family. I turned around and drove back and got a picture of the sunrise out back of my house! Then I got ready and went to the Y!

Day 206: I worked for the same girl mentioned in Day 205 today! And I actually got all the way there and worked! It was a rainy day, but it was starting to feel like Spring was coming!

Day 207: Wednesday I had to go to an "orientation" for a dental hygienist I would be filling in for at a new dental clinic. I went there for about 2 hours where I learned where everything was that I would need when I worked there, got accustomed to the digital x-rays I would be taking, and mostly just talked to the dental hygienist. On my way home I got me some much needed new tennis shoes! Love them! I am going to where my old ones only when I work out now.

Day 208: Happy St. Patrick's Day! I wore my green today, it's my most favorite of colors! As I drove around today, I was suprised to see there were a lot of people out around my hometown wearing green! Guess it's pretty easy garmet to wear since the local high school's colors incorporate green and so does the university... or they just didn't wanna get pinched!

Day 209: So I worked this Friday at the new dental clinic I mentioned above in Day 207. They were really laid back, with just one dentist/one assisstant/one hygienist (me for the day!)/one receptionist. It was a busy schedule but I did just fine getting used to the new location! I am currently a fill-in for 4 different dental clinics in the area, but still hoping for that full-time position!

Day 210: This was a busy, busy Saturday! First, I went with my mom & bridesmaid Corey to go look at bridesmaid dresses and finally picked one! Then, we went out to lunch where I talked to the cupcake lady that works there and got 6 different cupcakes for free to take home to Phil! As you know, Phil does not like cake but was willing to try this lady's orange cupcake since it was a different flavor. So mom, Corey, Phil, & I sat around the kitchen table at my house and had our own little cake tasting! They were so good for all except Phil. Next, Corey, Phil, & I went to the mall. We dropped off Corey with her hubby, and Phil & I shopped around (I was looking for wedding shoes, which I didn't find). We ran into our friend Rachel and her mom, chatted a bit, then went on to JCPenny where I found the banner pictured! Sephora is coming to our mall!!! I was super excited and sadly this is the pic I took instead of all the wedding activities of the day! After the mall, we went by another local bakery where we found a woman willing to make a small brownie cake for me and Phil to cut at the wedding to solve our cake problem. The rest of the guests would have cupcakes, and this woman said we could call her back sometime this week and she would give us 6 cupcakes/brownies to try for free too!!! So yeah, this was a looooong day and we passed out when we got home!

This post doesn't even incorporate yesterday's Sunday and you see that Saturday was so packed! Thanks for bearing with me and sorry if there was too much to read! Have a happy week!


JMJE said...

Sounds like you did a lot this week. I can't believe there is someone out there who doesn't like cake!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Ohhhh how I love girl scout cookies! Especially those thin mints!