Monday, March 7, 2011

Week #28

Had a busy week full of getting stuff done! Woohoo!

Day 190: Only watched the Red Carpet portion of the Academy Awards, and maybe a little bit of the beginning just to see how Anne Hathaway and whats-his-face would do hosting. I agree with a lot of my other bloggy friends that Anne totally did the carrying on this one, at least the part I watched.

Day 191: Made my way back to the Y today for the first time since I hurt my ankle. I did pretty good using the bike and the precor machines but it is when I am just walking that it bothers me. Ended up only gaining 1lb in all that time off, so I thought that was pretty good compared to what I thought! It's been raining a lot here so this is a pic I took, on my way to the Y, of the creek near the park that was overflowing.

Day 192: My purse strappy broke today :-( Time to buy a new one :-)

Day 193: Mom and I went down to the Ramada which we reserved for the wedding reception! Exciting stuff!

Day 194: Dad booked the DJ for us today! It's nice getting all this stuff under control! Also, it seems Charlie Sheen is now writing lines for Conversation Hearts! It reads: "WIN ME"! haha I totally found this in my V-Day sale rack bag of Sweethearts I bought!

Day 195: Qdoba... Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm! Sorry I didn't get a picture of the delicious food, but I was too busy scarfing it down!

Day 196: Phil and I went out registering more today! It is pretty fun! This is one thing came up on our registery that we didn't scan, and I kept my eye on Phil when he had that gun, so I know he didn't do it! Might just leave it on there! LOL

More wedding stuff going to be accomplished this week as well, stay tuned!

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Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I watched the Oscars too and I thought James Franco was AWFUL! Have fun registering!