Friday, November 19, 2010

The Day We Had A Cabin 2 / Didn't Have A Cabin

This is part 2 of last week's "The Day..." about my family's cabin in Canaan Valley.

Like I said before, we did not use the cabin as a hunting cabin like all the other shareholders did. We used it as a vacation retreat away from all the technology of the time... telephones and television mostly I guess, as well as a free place to stay. We would go to the cabin during all seasons. We'd visit the same places over and over just to see how they looked differently during each of those times. Skiing was a big thing for us and so was going to Blackwater Falls.

This is me and my friend Sarah obviously during the winter to the left of the cabin, which you unfortunately cannot see.
Me and my friend Laura at Blackwater Falls.

Remember how I told you last time that the hunters marked on the wall in the cabin about their deer? Well, we decided we'd do that with the mice we "caught" while staying at the cabin. We used our sharpie right there next to that bunkbed that was in the kitchen! haha

There were so many great memories made while staying at that cabin... bonfires, playing cards in the kitchen, sleeping on the top bunk when it decided to fall down, and looking at the stars that seemed close enough I could touch! And it's sad to me that I cannot ever go back to it. As good as I can get is to go to the area where it once stood. A few years back all the shareholders decided to sell out and my family had to too. Now the land is for sale cause whoever bought it decided it would be better to tear the cabin down.

My parents and I visited it 2 years ago and it was surreal that the cabin wasn't there. The above picture is obviously doctored by me, but this was where the cabin should have been [the bear too!]. I haven't been there since, but there is probably a new house sitting in that spot. I hope I will be able to take my kids there someday and tell them the stories I have told you.


Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Aw, that's sad that it's not there anymore. Was that photo taken in the 90's when we had that huge storm?

mariahsmile said...

That pic was definately taken in the 90's, but I don't think it was when that big storm hit. I think I was home for that one!