Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My Littlest Cousin Turns 1-2-3!

Sunday was my little cousin Asyra's third birthday! She is the first baby in my "close by" family to be born and I never knew how much I would love her. I always wanted to be an aunt, but since I'm the only child, she is as close as I will get to having a neice by blood. Phil's nephews already know me as Aunt Mariah and that makes me happy :-) My cousin, Zach, was always my "little" cousin cause he was a couple years younger than me, but now he has a Asyra and she is the littlest to me now! Well anyway, Friday evening we celebrated her birthday with pizza, lots of presents, and a Dora cake!

Asyra's new love is bathing suits! She was allowed to wear what she wanted to her day care for her birthday and she wanted to wear a bikini! Then for her birthday party she wore this cute ballerina bathing suit. She got the princess shoes for her birthday and looks so grown up!

Here I was trying to get a good pic of her with her cake, but instead got a sneaky one of her with icing on her face after taking a bite out of the side of the it!

This is a pic of me and Pablo the Chihuahua with the same facial expressions.

And finally, a gratuitous pic of me and Phil after the party!

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Crazy Shenanigans said...

It looks like she had a blast! The last picture of you and Phil is too cute!