Friday, July 9, 2010

The Day Adam Came To Town

This post starts the beginning of my "The Day..." series. I will go back to memories I have and cherish, then share them with you! I hope you will enjoy!

So my BFF Adam was in town a couple weeks ago. I had this fabulous idea that we should take the rest of my pictures on my *disposable* camera that we had bought almost 3 years ago. I also thought it would be great to finally send our friends Jeffs this box of stuff, that was meant to be sent 2 years ago for Christmas, to him along with some other wacky items.

The box included, but was not limited to:
  • Christmas presents from me and Ad from 2 years ago that we couldn't remember what they were cause they were wrapped.
  • A huge pink birthday ribbon that said "Aged to Perfection!".
  • A for sale flyer of a home in Huntington, hinting he should move "home".
  • A TidBits. A little local paper we took from the Cam's Ham.
  • A box of Cracker Jacks.

Adam and I went to develop the film at the Walgreens because apparently Walmart does not offer the 1hr photo anymore. But in the hour we waited, Adam and I went to the Jolly Pirate. While I was eating my donut, Adam played a scratch-off lotto ticket and won $200! Then he had to leave to make the trek back home, but I went and picked up the pictures. I was quite disappointed in how they turned out, but I'll leave you with a few gems.

Ritter Park in the Fall

Phil and I a couple years back, waiting to go to the Fright Farm.

Rory helping me make my huge stocking for the balcony Christmas decorating contest, while in Morgantown.

Adam with a Cam's Ham delicious ham sandwich and onion rings! YUM!

What has become of my old middle school (Cammack).


Carri and family said...

This is a fun post series idea. I love your blog layout beach motif!

mariahsmile said...

Thanks Carri!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Haha, I love that you guys got the paper at Cams Ham!