Friday, July 23, 2010

The Day We Didn't Attend Jeff's Crawdad Boil

This installment of "The Day..." is a continuation of "The Day Jeffs Got Married".

The day we didn't attend Jeff's crawdad boil was also the day we unfortunately had to be out of our hotel room early and also the day we were driving to San Antonio for a couple days. This did not go well with the day after Jeffs got married as well as the day Sars and I were the most hungover we had ever been in our lives.

I think Sars was a little worse off than me so she lay in the back seat of the unmoving PT Cruiser while I sat up front wondering how we were ever going to get out of hotel parking lot without the world spinning and chunks flying. Fortunately, Ad was not bad off and was able to take the wheel. We got out of the parking lot slowly and did a lot of just driving around. The crawdad boil was something we could only dream of in the past 9 years in getting a reunion with the Burch family, but now because we wouldn't be good company, did not make it to the event. We did make it to the Sonic though, and somehow randomly found the house Jeff and his family lived in when they first moved to Houston but had never showed us how to get there. It was a weird thing.

After the crawdad boil was over, and Jeffs, Jenn, and their friends were ready to caravan, we left for San Antonio. I thought this was a little strange cause it was like we were on their honeymoon with them, but not really since they went on it a couple weeks later. The night we got there we went down to the River Walk to eat dinner, then we stayed the night with a friend of Adam's, and the next day went to the Alamo and shopped around the River Walk and went shopping for some cowboy boots.

We went back to Houston that evening. We ate at a fantastic sushi place, cause sushi is our thing, and stayed at Jeff and Jenn's house so we could get up and leave early the next morning.
The whole trip was so much fun minus the hangover part, but I would do it all again in an instant!


The Tucci's! said...

Sounds like FUN to me too!! :-)

Jennifer Fabulous said...

Omg. I freaking LOVE San Antonio! It's one of my favorite cities. Just seeing these pics makes me feel nostalgic! :)

I'm glad you had a great time. That photo of you two sharing the drink is adorable. Hehe. xo!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

It does sound like a fun time!