Friday, July 16, 2010

The Day Jeffs Got Married

Jeffs is one of my best friends I've known forever. So when I found out Jeffs was getting married, I was super excited! Not only meant that he was happy and found the love of his life, but it also meant a spring break trip to Houston with my most favorite people ever: Jeffs, Sars, and Ad! The spring break of 2009 started off with me flying out of the Pittsburgh airport. I was super excited to get this party started! When I got there Sars was waiting for me, then Ad was picking us up in our super not cool PT Cruiser rental. From there we rushed to the rehearsal dinner. We got to see Jeff's family who we hadn't seen in about 9 years since they moved from Huntington!

The next day was the wedding. We woke up and ate some Texas-shaped waffles... this was the whole reason why I booked this particular hotel, and that it was close to where the reception was held. It was a sad day cause our little boy was growing up, but a happy one as well. Ad got to be one of the groomsmen/number brother while Sars and I were wet and cold. haha! It wasn't supposed to be cold in Houston!

After the wedding was the open bar... errrrr I mean reception! There was food, dancing, and lots of picture taking with our mouths open (it's our version of the jazz hands some of my bloggy friends have adopted)! Plus, as a wedding gift to Jeffs, we got a replacement Jolly Pirate donut from a place down there as we were driving to the reception.

The after party was at our hotel, which also turned out to be where the bride's (Jenn) family was staying and some of Jeff and Jenn's friends from school (WVU) were too. There was food, games, more picture taking and drinking, where Sars, with all my better judgement and knowledge out the window, talked me into taking shots of Scotch.

The next day will forever be known as "The Day we didn't attend Jeff's crawdad boil" and will be continued in the next Friday installment of "The Day...".

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Crazy Shenanigans said...

Haha! I love that waffle!