Friday, February 26, 2010

Sink or Swim

It all comes down to this: I have my clinical dental hygiene boards coming up (March 13) and have less than 2 weeks to find a patient, and hopefully a back-up patient as well. These boards are super expensivo, meaning $1,040! And if don't find a patient, or have a patient that doesn't qualify, then I lose all that money and have to figure out how and where I'm going to take the boards again and pay the money again. They are so hard to find a patient for because there are so many requirements needed for the patient:
  1. They cannot be allergic to Latex.
  2. If they need to take a pre-med before having their teeth cleaned, they have to bring in a note from their physician.

  3. They have to have most of their teeth with no extensive periodontal problems.

  4. They cannot have a lot of cavities.

  5. They have to have so much tartar on their teeth in just the right places.

  6. The patient has to come in to be screened (once), come in early in the morning on a Saturday and be able to stay for an extended period of time for the actual exam (twice), and finally come in again for me to finish cleaning their teeth if they want (three times, I'm out).

So I've been trying my hardest to find this diamond in the rough with no avail. It doesn't help that it keeps on snowing here! *Patients hear that snow is coming and cancel their appointments days in advance.* I feel like I'm living in a frickin' snow globe!

On a more optimistic note, Monday is the start of a new week and [hopefully] the start of good things to come! And when I have this all over and done with, it's smooth sailing to graduation!

If anyone is around the Morgantown area, hasn't had their teeth cleaned in awhile, and can come see me in the next 2 weeks, let me know! And a big thanks to my friends and family who have been trying to help me out! You have no idea how much it means to me!


Crazy Shenanigans said...

I would totally rock at that patient job but I can't get to Morgantown from H-town cause work booo. Hope you can find someone!

Amanda said...

Stressful!! But I'm sure something will come up...I'll keep my ears open for any potentials for you!