Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Idol Night Traditions

Starting last year (The Year of Anoop), my friends and I have started the tradition of watching American Idol together every Tuesday and Wednesday. I thought I would share some of the traditions we have started during this time.

Taking pictures with the TV
Drinking wine and eating goodies Making fun of the judges and celebrity guests (this is the Randy Travis look)Voting!Rewinding and rewatching past performances over and over again!Being nervous waiting for results!Drinking RC

And finally, finding a new musician (or group) to follow!

I am excited to see what this season brings and what new traditions will develop!

Stay tuned...


Amanda said...

I used to get all nervous about it too :)
Love your traditions :)

I've not been into Idol this season! I think I'm just too sad about Paula not being there. It's not the same for me :(

Anonymous said...

I LOVE THIS POST. It made me very happy! The end.

Amanda said...

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