Monday, February 8, 2010

My 1st Award!

I got my first award from my friend, and fellow blogger, Amanda at It's Blogworthy!

Amanda I met a few years back when I worked at an animal ER back home. We have kept in touch online ever since! If I could I would give her this award right back!
So now I have to write 7 facts about myself and give this award to 7 other bloggers!

7 Little Known Facts About Me
(you can find out more here)

1. I cannot stand to wash lettuce.

2. When asked what my favorite thing was when I was young and at bible school, my reply was “Bourbon”. What they didn’t know was that was my dog’s name.

3. I was a legal 21 when I first got drunk.

4. Phil and I met online and now we are engaged!

5. Some of my “husbands” include, but are not limited to: Randy Travis, Donnie Osmond, and Harrison Ford.

6. I like to hold onto my paper towels after I use them to dry my hands. You will most likely see them laying around my house when I finally let them go. It’s a bit of an obsession I don't realize I'm doing.

7. I wish that I was born with red hair so it would look good on me.

7 Bloggers
These bloggers are ones I have been following for the longest!

1. Daily Musings From Yours Truly
- this is Rachel who I got to start up a blog the same time I began mine. Rachel is a great friend who I met while in dental hygiene school and later found out we were the oldest in our class together and actually lived near eachother back home! Go check out her page :)

2. Tucci Times Three
- Miranda is a friend that I was in high school band with back in the day! I love reading her blog and seeing the changes her blog goes through. Amanda actually gave this award to Miranda already, but I felt the need to give one to her as well!

3. Bitch Cakes
- Every time I read this blog I am inspired to keep up with WW! She gives awesome recipes and takes you through every step of her weight loss.

4. Daniel McQuade Photography
- Daniel is a friend I met while attending Marshall. We were in some organizations together like the X-treme Fear Club! Daniel is a very talented photographer and shows his pictures on his page.

5. Chronicles of My Momdom
- Michelle is a friend I met in high school band as well! She now has a little girl who she blogs about in a rather hilarious manner! I always want to read more!

6. Our Little Corner of the World
- Carri is my best friend's sister! She is a beautiful woman who has a beautiful family who she enjoys blogging about!

7. Life Around Shepherdstown
- Adam is my best friend. I don't get to see him much, but it is nice to be able to see what he is doing through pictures on his blog! It's almost like his laugh comes through the page to me :)

In other news, WVU is actually closed Monday! Truly a miracle! Now to figure out to do all day long besides staring at this computer!

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