Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snow Day Fun

So I woke up at noon-thirty today after hibernating in my bed for 13 hours! It was amazing. After I got up I looked out the window into a snowy wonderland! This is officially the first snow that I've enjoyed having since living in Morgantown. This is probably because it usually snows on a weekday, when WVU never closes classes, and I had to walk a mile up and down a hill (<-true story, not just getting old) to get to my classes. All of WV has been anticipating this snow so badly that schools were canceled on Friday when it was only raining, and WVU actually canceled classes after 1pm too! That's big time right there. Too bad I only have class until noon, just my luck.
Anyway, today my roomie and I ventured outside to have some snowy fun. We made snow angels, tiny snowmen, and buried eachother in the snow! My car is barely visible too! I do love snow... when there is nothing I have to do. Especially when I don't have to drive.
After coming inside I took I nice hot bath, shaved (no longer that hibernating bear anymore!), drank some hot chocolate (that's my favorite mug I got at the Goodwill a couple years back), watched some QVC (one of the few channels we have right now), and made a Project Linus Blanket to send to Haiti!
Now I feel great! I am just hoping that I can go to sleep at a reasonable hour tonight so I feel this great tomorrow too! Roomie and I are planning on having a SuperBowl party of our own since we most likely won't be able to get out anywhere... who knows if we'll actually watch the game or just eat the food for the occasion!


Amanda said...

What fun!! I have to say that the best part for me would be the hot chocolate after :) But looks like you made the best of it!

ad said...

Class of 88 !!! Where did you get that?? PS Nice snow outfit

mariahsmile said...

Adam- I got the mug from the Goodwill and I actually think you were with me when I bought it! haha