Monday, April 18, 2011

Week #34

So it's pretty sad that I really don't remember what I did this week, and had to remind myself from the few tweets I post! I just didn't sleep well all week for some reason, except for the first part - I do know why... Day 232: Today Phil was in major pain because of his tooth! His face was starting to swell, and in hindsight I should have just taken him to the hospital. I reluctantly left his house that day, couldn't really call and talk to him cause it was hard for him to open his mouth. I didn't get much sleep cause I was worrying so much. Didn't take any pictures... sorry!

Day 233: I got up early this morning and drove back to Phil's house cause I was so worried! He had already set an appointment to get this tooth pulled previously for Tuesday, but he was going to call this Monday morning to see if they could get him in since he was so bad. They could and I was glad I was there to drive him. They pulled it even though it was infected and put him on an antibiotic (for the second time). They said that if he swelled any more to go straight to the ER. So today I took care of him. I know I'm doing bad but no picture today too! My worrying got the best of me. When I went home again tonight I didn't sleep well again.

Day 234: Phil was okay today and I didn't worry as much, but still didn't sleep well. It was like I would get my hours in, but didn't feel rested when I got up. Anyway, I had to do stuff today like go find wedding invitations. I found these at Target that I liked, but when I went with mom today to get them, they only had one box. Sooo, I was frustrated cause everytime I find them the place doesn't have enough or you can't order/find them online. We decided to go to a place in town that designs/prints them for you and it is for a good price. This pic is of the paper we want, you can't tell very much but it is a ivory color with a bit of sparkle!

Day 235: Today, was my bub Adam's birthday! I also finally got to the Y! It was a hard workout mostly because I was so exhausted. Also, this morning my dad calls me up to talk to him before he was leaving to go to work, and I look him in the eyes and one of his pupils is dilated and the other isn't. I freak, thinking that he's had a stroke or something and tell my mom to come look. They start laughing at me while I have tears in my eyes! Turns out dad had gone to the eye doctor that morning and they only had to dilate one eye! It was okay, but it was a bad joke on me!

Day 236: Mom and I went for a walk in the park. We walked to the place where *I think* will be the place in the park that we are having the ceremony(pictured). Later today, I went to Zumba with Rachel again! So much fun!

Day 237: Phil is feeling much better now with the help from his antibiotic, and got to come to my house for the weekend! The lymph nodes under his chin are still a little swollen, but the rest of his face is much better! Those swollen nodes are stopping him from getting some early Easter treats!

Day 238: Phil got a new game for the DS that I decided I would try out before him! It's called "9 hours, 9 persons, 9 doors" and sort of feels very "Saw"-ish to me. There is a lot of reading to this game but you do get to figure out some puzzles, get to know some people, and search some rooms to get through the 9 doors.

So that was my week, and I'm happy to say that Saturday I had a good night's sleep!

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