Monday, April 4, 2011

Week #32

Happy Monday everyone! I hope it is going okay for you so far! I hope some part of my week will make you smile!

Day 218: This Sunday, Phil and I sat around and watched our collection of Jack Ass movies and finally watched the newest one. In a lot of ways I cannot stand to watch these movies, but in part they are quite hilarious and I cannot take my eyes away! haha No matter what, it's always nice to be able to laugh together!

Day 219: Today, I went to the Y and ran! I also finished up watching the Square Pegs DVDs I got for Christmas. Has anyone else ever watched this TV series? It is like totally 80s, totally! I had never heard of it before I got it as a gift, but it was a lot of fun to watch! I believe this was one of Sarah Jessica Parker's first roles.

Day 220: Mom and I went to another florist's shop today to get a feel for how they would be for the wedding. The woman was really nice there and I have a feeling she is who we are going to go with! From there, we went to Hobby Lobby and picked up a few things including these (pictured) that we are going to use as table numbers. What do ya think?

Day 221: I spent the better part of this evening going over our gift registry and figuring out everything we still need to register for. I printed off this checklist and compared it to what we already have bought/registered.

Day 222: Today, I got called into temp work at a new dentist's office (that's #5)! Their dental hygienist hurt her arm which is so sad considering her line of work, but I'm glad I got an oppurtunity to fill-in somewhere new and meet new people. My aunt, uncle, cousin's wife & daughter (Asyra) left today to see my cousin graduate from basic training in Texas! This pic is Asyra and mom playing the 'scrub your ears' game she made up!

Day 223: I went to Phil's house this weekend. This evening Phil and I went to Point Pleasant to eat at a new place. Then, we went back to his house to relax. This pic is of Phil's mom's dog, Baby. Baby loves me and cuddled up on my lap tonight and went to sleep. I sure do miss having a doggy!

Day 224: Phil's nephew Alec turned 6 years old the day before, but today we, along with Phil's parents, took him to Chuck E. Cheese's to eat pizza, play games, and get prizes! He had a blast! After, Phil and I went to the bookstore where I finally got "Dead in the Family" by Charlaine Harris since it just came out in paperback! I cannot wait to go read it!

Have a good week!


JMJE said...

I Like your table numbers and that's a really cute dog.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I use to love watching Square Pegs!!!