Friday, April 8, 2011


Phil & I need to figure out where we will be going on our honeymoon! We don't really know if we will be able to go right after our wedding since I don't have a job, and if I do by that time - will they let me take off a week after I've only been there a short period of time? Anyways, we'll need affordable and here are some ideas we have thrown around:

1. New England Fall Foliage

  • I don't really know if this would work out well for a honeymoon or not. My dream would be to drive up the coast of the New England states all the way to Maine and drive home, but seeing we would only have a week, it doesn't seem possible. Another idea was to fly to Maine then rent a car and drive home. That still seems like it would be a lot of driving and not much sight-seeing. Then there is always just going to one particularly pretty place where there is lots for us to do, and we would still be able to drive around to see the spectacular fall foliage!

2. Hawaii

  • This was an option presented to us from Phil's mom & grandma. He has a great uncle that lives in Hawaii and they have a community guest house, which is supposedly nice, that we would be able to stay in for free. I would simply love to go to Hawaii on vacation, I just don't know how I feel about visiting family on our honeymoon. I feel like it should be me & Phil time! Still a beautiful and nice option though!

3. Disney World!

  • Phil came up with this option and I love it! We both love amusement parks so I think this might be topping our list right now! I know I have a lot of bloggy friends out there that know a lot about going to Disney World and I am asking for your advice right now since I haven't been there since I was 7: What parks should we visit? Are there websites out there I should be looking at to get affordable vacation packages? Where is a good place to stay for our honeymoon or a place we shouldn't stay? Any other tips?

Okay people, where do you think we should go? Help!


alessandra nitti said...

xoxo from italy

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Go to Hawaii, do it! You must! If you need to go somewhere not too far away there's always Gaitlinburg, TN