Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Don't Worry, Be Happy!

I am definately a worrier! And recently it seems like it has got worse, like with Phil's tooth, the wedding, and how other people feel about various things... But now I've decided I'm not going to spend so much time making myself upset because other people are upset, I'm going to be happy! Of course I want everyone to be happy too, but I'm going to put myself first and not worry so much if others don't want to be happy, no matter how hard I try! And with that I present you this video:

I can't think of this song and not think of 6th grade! One of my friends was spending the night with me and it was back in the day when requesting and dedicating songs on the radio was a big deal! We had a teacher that we didn't really like cause he was a major Debbie Downer, so we thought it would be hilarious to dedicate this song to him on our local radio station! I seriously don't remember if it ever got played, or we worked up the courage to actually dedicate it to him in the first place, but I just remember that we cracked up everytime we thought about it!

Remember: Don't Worry, Be Happy!


Jennifer Fabulous said...

Haha I had never seen this video before! Hilarious. This song really does bring back some memories. :)

JMJE said...

Yes not worrying is always better than worrying. I wish I could remember that sometimes.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I wouldn't worry about it either! Just be happy! Something that might make you happy... Sheryl Woods has a new book out!