Friday, February 25, 2011

Week #26

Here it is finally... totally not into it this week, sorry guys! I guess I'm having a blog slump (blump).

Day 176: My momma and daddy got me some Dove dark chocolates for Valentine's Day! They were yummy and quickly eaten by sharing :-)

Day 177: Got my certificates for bleaching and monitoring nitrous oxide in the mail today! I slacked and didn't get them until now, but it's not like I really needed them yet :-/

Day 178: Mom and I went here to see if it would be a possible wedding ceremony location. I love it but the only available spot for a reception close by does not look too hot. Ritter Park is getting closer to being the place.

Day 179: A new dentist's office called me into work for their hygienist today! I love this office and wish I could work here every day.

Day 180: Got to work for the same dentist as the day before! Their office is right next to a library so I went to read a magazine on my lunch break!

Day 181: My beautiful Valentine's Day flowers Phil got for me! They are Hulk colors, our favorite ;-) We had a great V-Day weekend and went out to eat at Uno's!

Day 182: Finally moved all my stuff back downstairs to my bedroom. I had been staying in the upstairs bedroom due to my ankle.

I've already been working on next week's Pic-A-Day post, so hopefully it'll be up bright and early Monday morning! Have a great weekend everyone!

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Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

So is your ankle doing better? I've been meaning to ask you! From the photos it looked pretty bad!