Monday, February 7, 2011

Week #24

So I had a fairly good week, lots more wedding research and accomplishments were made! Enjoy!

Day 162: My parents and I went next door to my aunt & uncle/cousin's house to say farewell to my "little" cousin Zach before he was leaving the next day to go to basic training. This is a pic of me playing with his daughter, Asyra. She had me ride on her horse with her in the kitchen floor.

Day 163: Went to the Y today and Mondays are my meeting days. We talked about cholesterol today and I thought this little cartoon was pretty cute. If you can't see it, it is a vampire scaring a woman but the woman says "I'd better warn you - I've high cholesterol!"

Day 164: Went looking around for more options for the wedding ceremony and reception location. For the reception I'm liking the Ramada, but we'll see if this will be close enough to where we want the ceremony. This is a pic of the floor plan.

Day 165: Got another free wedding magazine in the mail! It has options for decor, invitations, favors, and gifts in it. It may come in handy!

Day 166: Went Krogering today! I love grocery shopping for the most part, but I especially love getting the Kroger sushi!

Day 167: Took my parents to the airport today! My mom and dad had planned this trip a long time ago so they could go visit some of my mom's relatives down in Florida. Although I would have liked to join them, it probably is for the best that I stayed here cause I ended up with another interview this Monday (today)! This pic is driving down the hill from where the airport is located. I also ran into my friend Jennifer (Crazy Shenanigans) there and it was good getting to catch up with her! After that, I went right to the Y and ran a mile without stopping for the first time ever!!!

Day 168: Phil and I went to Ashland today. We ate at the Cheddar's there, went to the mall where I got my Clinique freebies (pictured), then went to Burt's Pet Shop where we got our pet fix!

I am crossing my fingers that I will get some calls about jobs this week! I also have made a chore list for myself to complete... we'll see how that goes!


Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

It was good seeing you too! Isn't Cheddars so good? I love that place!

Jennifer Fabulous said...

Is it weird that when you talked about all the wedding planning, I started getting really excited for you?! Lol. I have no desire to get hitched in the near future, by I freaking LOVE hearing my friends talk about their plans. :)

And Clinique freebies? Lucky girl!

Ohhh and haha I haven't been to Krogers in ages!! We don't have them here in KC but they have them in my mom's hometown in Illinois. We DO have Cheddars though. One of my favorite restaurants. :)

PS. How did the interview go? Good luck, hon! xo

mariahsmile said...

Cheddars is awesome! It was a favorite place of mine to go when I was in Morgantown and luckily they built one here too! It is always soo busy!

The interviews went pretty good, haven't heard anything back yet.