Monday, February 14, 2011

Week #25

WARNING: This post has pictures of my swollen and bruised ankle in close proximity of a picture with delicious artichoke dip. You have been warned! haha!

Day 169: This Superbowl Sunday, Phil and I hung around the house, ordered pizza, and made this yummy artichoke dip (pictured). I found Hutch's recipe on her blog, Be Awesome Instead. It was a perfect way to watch the game, along with the Puppy Bowl of course! And I totally think that the Kitty half-time show was so much better than the Superbowl half-time show! If only Slash played withw the kitties instead!

Day 170: Monday I got up early, went to the Y to run a mile, then sprained my ankle like I devoted a whole post to mentioned in my last post. Well, if you liked that post you are in luck, because that is mostly what this week's Pic-A-Day depicts as well. Sorry. Here is my ankle, majorly swollen.

Day 171: This is the inside of my ankle, swollen and bruised.

Day 172: This is the outside of my ankle, swollen and bruised.

Day 173: My parents came home this evening! It felt so nice to have people there to help me if I needed it! I managed myself by using a plastic bag to carry things from room to room, but it was still hard! This is my foot in it's bandage. I was happy I'd painted my toes before I hurt my foot!

Day 174: Phil got me out of the house and took me to Captain D's today! I had been craving it! haha It was a bit hard being out of the house with the crutches but we managed.

Day 175: And finally, it's not an ankle pic! Phil's mom sent over a Valentine's present for me! I love dark chocolate! Phil and I also ventured out of the house again today and pushed me around in a wheelchair! Wish I had pics of that! haha

Okay guys, sorry that I've been complaining about the ankle so much. That's all I've had to do though since I was home alone for most of the week and unable to do much. I'll try to make this week much more entertaining!

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