Monday, September 6, 2010

Week #2

Week 2 of my pic-a-day challenge! You can see the first week here.

Day 8: The rainbow of lovely books at the bookstore! Now to pick which ones not to buy!

Day 9: This was the last pop I had left in my refrigerator and I'm not buying anymore... at least for now, but everytime I have them at home in my fridge, I drink way too much.

Day 10: This is where I spent most of Tuesday. I took a 3 hour nap and read my book forever right here! BTW that's Jambi in the plaid pjs!

Day 11: Mom and I went to Ashland today to visit with my babysitter I had when I was younger. This was the temperature it was... yuck!

Day 12: I had my very first interview as an RDH Thursday! Keeping my fingers crossed! I'll know Tuesday if I got the job but there were other people being interviewed.

Day 13: So, on my last trip to the drugstore I picked up some lovely new nail polish by Revlon in the color Minted. I knew I had to have it cause I've been looking through bridal magazines like crazy and ran across these shoes I only wish I had enough money to afford! They are Tiffany's/Audrey-inspired by Hey Lady and can be found here!
Day 14: Phil and I went to his grandma's house again this Saturday. We thought we were going to help her spread some gravel around her huge gorgeous fish pond, but she decided to do it herself during the week before. This is a picture of some of her ginormous coy fish... so pretty!
  • Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend! Wasn't the weather awesome?!?!


Crazy Shenanigans said...

I hope you get that job!!!!

JMJE said...

Cool nailpolish and shoes. Good luck on that job also.

Nicole Carpenter said...

Fun pictures!! I LOVE that nail polish:) xo