Tuesday, September 7, 2010

No Luck Yet

So I didn't get that job I interviewed with last week (what's wrong with you people for not crossing enough limbs for me!?!? haha j/k), but the dentist did say it was between me and the girl he picked out of 5 people. He also said he gives everyone a 30 trial period so he may still be calling me if she doesn't work out. I'm not above being seconds!

I am sad I didn't get it, but it was good experience and leaves me with some hope! He also said I could use him as a reference anytime. I just feel like I let everyone down, even though they say I don't. I know Phil was wanting me to get this job so badly so we'd have some more money and get an apartment together quicker. And my parents like to analyze and over analyze every situation, so that just aggravates me. My time will come I believe and everything will be great!

I do feel good right now cause I just got finished working out! I'm starting this weightloss program at the Y so I hope that will get me where I want to be for now.

(Picture depicts how I am happy for experience and feel good for burning some calories, and sad I feel like I let people down, have messy hair, and ultimately do not have money. I promise I did not have a stroke.)

Happy Tuesday everyone - I want some soup!


Amanda said...

Oh, what a bummer! i'm telling you, going for job interviews, waiting for the call -- it's all so stressful!! But I promise things will work out...I've been so bad about commenting on blogs but I'm still keeping up with ya!

JMJE said...

Sorry you didn't get the job but at least you got to practice interviewing and it sounded like the Dentist liked you.

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Boo! I'm sorry that you didn't get it! Have you tried Grimes' office? He's great and I know they always have new staff everytime I'm there.

Jennifer Fabulous said...

I'm sorry you didn't get the job. Being unemployed myself, I know how it feels to be rejected from what seemed like a good interview/opportunity. :(

It sounds like although you didn't get the job, you were still impressive. That is promising! Things happen for a reason. Either this job was meant to be yours later on or another job is waiting for you. Something good is in your future, I can feel it. :) xo

mariahsmile said...

Thanks everyone! I sent my resume into Grimes' office, but haven't heard anything yet.