Monday, September 13, 2010

Week #3

This is Week #3 of my Pic-a-Day I challenged myself to for my 28th year. To see previous Pic-a-Day posts you can go here!

Day 15: This was one of those glorious days you get at the end of the summer that feels like autumn is right around the corner! Phil and I drove around the back roads around where he lives with the windows down and listening to live music on the radio (oxymoron, I know).

Day 16: Labor Day! Phil and I decided it was a good day to wash our cars at his house. Rain-X is wonderful!

Day 17: My new alarm clock! Those bright blue numbers were super bright and lit up my whole room in the dark! I'll get used to it soon, I hope.

Day 18: This is the new toilet my dad got: "Two Flush Options" (!?) "Liquid and Solid" - sounds so gross, but it interested me... guess that's why he got it.

Day 19: Made some shish kabobs Thursday night! Pretty delish if I do say so myself.

Day 20: This was the day of the Coal Bowl, held this year in Huntington. I did not go to the game, but watched on tv from home and made an assortment of screeches and groans towards the players like I was actually there. Marshall pretty much kicked WVU's butt, and in the last few minutes and OT of the game WVU won. My rant is that there are so many Marshall fans that are only fair-weather fans, that only like MU when they win. But I bleed green people and was surrounded by WVU fans for 3 years and still a Herd fan! What I don't get is that there are people who grew up in Huntington and were fans all throughout their life, but then went to WVU and magically switched teams! How can you not root for your home team??? Anyway, Marshall did a great job against this big team and gives us hope for a win down the road. Thank you for listening, or I guess reading.

Day 21: Saturday Phil and I went to the Ashland Mall. While in a store Phil pointed out this sign. I don't think that it is a good deal for a hat to be 12.99 originally and then marked down to 12.99... hmmmm

Hope you all had a wonderful week!


JMJE said...

Shish Kabobs look good and although I hardly ever watch football I did see the end of that game. My husband was watching. It was very intense.

ad said...

Delish-kebabs! PS Sounds like a good deal to me

Julie Dao said...

Shishkabobs - YUM! I love this idea of posting pictures as well :) Your blog is so bright and cheery!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I am so sad that MU lost that game!!! I have season tickets and usually have an extra seat. If you wanna go to any let me know!

mariahsmile said...

The shish was pretty amazing!

Thanks Julie and I'm glad you are now following me!

Jennifer @CS I would love to go to a game with you sometime! We will plan!

Jennifer Fabulous said...

What a fun idea! I love all these photos and they stories that go along with them. :)