Saturday, January 23, 2010


It’s funny that it is called “Senioritis” because that technically means “inflammation of the senior”. I guess that could be correct in a way. Seniors tend to have big, or inflamed, egos or feel like they have absorbed so much information that it feels like their head is going to burst. The latter is how I feel right now. Really, that is how I’ve felt all three times I have been a senior (HHS, Marshall, WVU). I am completely ready to be out of school. I have passed my National Boards, completed my research presentation (after working on it for 2½ years), and now all I have to do is pass my Clinical Boards. This requires me to find a patient that fits a certain criteria, take another (but smaller) computer-based exam, and pay a whole bunch of money. The kicker is that if the day of the exam rolls around and the judges don’t think my patient fits that criteria, then I’m SOL, there goes all that money and I have to do it all over again, but this time find a school that I am not familiar with to take the clinical. I’m pretty sure my professors will help us with the process, so hopefully they are being nice that day.

A problem that my senioritis is causing me is going to bed very late and to wake up very late. These first two weeks of school have been very abnormal to where we don’t have to be at class until after noon. Starting this upcoming week, the only days I have to wake up early are Mondays and Fridays, and Wednesdays we don’t have class at all. I woke up today at 2pm. Not good AT ALL. I am not tired right now, that is why I am updating this blog at 2 in the morning. Monday is not going to be fun.

Okay. Now for a favorite product of mine. I love that new Aquafresh Iso-Active toothpaste! The one I have is a bright green colored gel and it becomes very foamy in your mouth. Some of my professors told me before I bought it that they didn’t like the taste and it caused their gingiva to slough (just a minor reaction some products can cause in your mouth and will go away once you switch products), but I haven’t had any problems with it except that the gel can be messy around the cap.

Well, I'm off to read one of my books I got for an occasion such as this. It is a Charlaine Harris book called "An Ice Cold Grave". Charlaine Harris is the author of the Sookie Stackhouse series (the True Blood books) and the book I'm reading is third in the Harper Connelly mystery series. Love her!

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Amanda said...

You know, the same thing happens when I have more than a weekend off in a row. I wake up late and stay up late. I hope you don't have any problems with getting a patient! Man, that really sucks!!