Tuesday, January 26, 2010


This has been a super win week for CVS! I went on Saturday and found that a lot of their makeup was 75% off with your CVS card! I bought some makeup I'd like to try but not for the usual $6 price. Then today I went with a couple of my friends and got some more. Everything in this pic was under two bucks each. I love eyeshadow. I love bright colors and all shades of colors no matter if they look good on me or not. I am pretty much a color freak anyway. I feel sorry for Phil having me pick out all the different colors to paint our walls when we get a place to live together. It'll look like Rainbow Bright lived there or something!

Here is a pic of the nail polish I got painted on:


#1 How I painted way out of the actual nail on my pinky.

#2 How I leave the stickers on my laptop (may need'em someday, who knows?).

#3 My pretty engagement ring (almost been a year since Phil proposed!).

#4 How I use a regular mouse on a laptop cause I hate the built-in one.

#5 The dollar in the background, which actually has written on it one of my patient's email addresses cause it was the only thing in my pocket I had to write on. Now I can't spend it without feeling bad that my patient's email address is actually on it! I guess I could mark it out.

#6 My mousepad I've had forever. It is one of the picture ones you can make at Walmart that my friend Leslee got me in high school :)

Question: Anyone ever use mousse blush before? I never have and was hoping for some tips! Also, two of the eyeshadows I got are cream eyeshadow and they crease really bad. I know you can get a primer to help for like $17 on Sephora.com but seeing that I like 75% off makeup, I don't really want to spend that much.


Amanda said...

I love CVS makeup sales!! They are the best. I havent been forever because we didn't have one nearby, but in our new house it's right next door practically. You should go to Eyeslipsface.com and look at their primer. I have it and it's great, and only $6! They also have some really good eyeshadow primers. One is $1 and the other is mineral based and is $3. You should check it out! Love the nailpolish & your pretty ring :)

mariahsmile said...

That's awesome! Thanks :)