Monday, December 28, 2009

List of things that make me feel good!

I started this list back around 2002, added on ever since, and thought I'd share it with you. Maybe you'll find some favorites as well!

1. The feeling you get when you know Autumn/Football season is near (probably relates back to my days in marching band!)

2. When people agree with you on things you feel strongly about/being accepted

3. Being told you are pretty

4. After taking your socks off, getting under cool sheets (I guess I wrote this one in the summer!)

5. A Michael Jackson song

6. Laughing with friends

7. Laughing so hard you cry

8. Knowing what your dog is thinking

9. Hugging

10. Being in love so much it makes you want to cry

11. Having a crush that's single (before the days of Phil!)

12. Being satisfied with a good book

13. Having such a close friend that you know what eachother is thinking

14. Saying "I love you"

15. Road trips!

16. Traditions

17. Late night conversations with a friend

18. Darkness with hundreds of lightning bugs

19. Feeling something silky against your skin

20. Audrey Hepburn movies

21. Paying for lunch for a guy that is used to paying for me (again, before the days of Phil! haha)

22. Banana margaritas (yum! wish I had one of these right now!)

23. The Arizona night sky

24. A cool breeze on a summer night when you have no electricity (at the time of my first apt when we didn't know you had to sign up for electricity! haha)

25. Chicken Soup for the Soul books

26. Loving your family

27. Having a retired Cuban doctor offer for me to travel with him (kinda creepy, but also funny! LOL)

28. The taste of pineapples

29. Being told "I love you"

30. ICEEs or slurpees

31. Sharing memories

32. Sunsets

33. My pup

34. Eating sushi with friends

35. Watching Marshall football (especially when they win!)

36. Driving around on a pretty day with the windows down and talking to a friend

37. Ghost stories

38. Josh Groban's music/voice

39. A good dream

40. Watching someone open a gift you got for them

41. Excited anticipation

42. Key West

43. The name - October Joe

44. Being crafty

45. Orchids

46. Fortune cookie fortunes

47. Fall clothes

48. Driving around at night while the windows are down in perfect 77 degree weather

49. Being adored

50. Ice cream

51. Being confided in

52. Moonlight

53. Being in a comfortable, unconditional loving relationship

54. The feeling I get after exercising (too bad this doesn't keep me motivated to do it!)

55. Sleeping until noon

56. The silence that snow brings

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