Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My Story (of the past couple years) Condensed - Part 1

I am a born-again student when it comes to going to college. I first attended Marshall University in August of 2000 and graduated in December of 2004 with a degree in biology. I had all intentions of going to vet school, but [fortunately] the vet school gods did not accept me 2 years in a row. During that time, I worked for the local Animal ER which deterred me from trying the third time. I am glad I found out I didn’t want to do something before I had to pay for it. My only problem was figuring out what I did want to do since I had wanted to be a veterinarian since kindergarten and didn‘t have a back-up plan.

I knew I liked working with my hands. I knew I didn’t want to be the person in-charge. I knew I would like to work by myself, but also be able to help people. And I knew I did not want to work in a hospital. I had to think of things that interested me, preferably something in the medical-related field. I kept having the thought of going to see my Papa in Wayne after getting my teeth cleaned and him whistling and saying “I can’t see those teeth are so bright!”. Then I thought of how I would always trick my mom after coming home from a dentist’s appointment (something I still do to this day!) by telling her I had a cavity, which in reality I’ve never had one, but she still had the same astonished reaction every time. I always loved going to the dentist most likely for these reasons. This led me to going to dental hygiene school.

It was all a whirlwind after that decision. I remember deciding whether I wanted to go into an associate’s program for 2 years or get another baccalaureate’s degree and go for only 3 years. I still can’t remember what made me stay in West Virginia, probably in-state tuition and the fact I love WV, but I applied to WVU pretty much right at the deadline. I also remember having to do some extra stuff cause I turned in all my paperwork so late. I got excepted as an outstanding sophomore in the fall of 2007.
TODAY: Had my last final of the semester! Missed 22 out of 150 and still got a 96%. Please tell me how that happens, but I'm really not complaining! I went to Black Bear to eat with Rachel and Kristen for lunch. I have to study for boards tonight. I really want ice cream badly. And tell me how my nail polish always chips a couple hours after I paint my nails?


Amanda said...

I remember when you took care of my sweet little Salty at the animal ER -- that was in July 07. And you knew my cousin! Life takes you funny places. I love when I look back on my life and try to figure out what made me make decisions that put me here. Love your story and good luck on your boards!

mariahsmile said...

Thanks again Amanda! It helps when there is such positivity around me to make me feel I can succeed!