Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Hi. I am starting this blog because today I had an overwhelming feeling that there was a lack of creativity in my life. I have been stuck in Morganhole, I mean, Morgantown, WV for the past 2 ½ years. If you grew up in Huntington, were born and raised a Thundering Herd Fan, and were then forced to walk (or drive) up and down, elbow to elbow (or bumper to bumper) with the somewhat rude students in the unending hills that Morgantown offers, then you know what it feels like to be me.

SENIOR YEAR: Half-way over now, but still in the middle of a stressful process. At this point, I am 6 days away from taking my National Boards so I am able to actually become a RDH upon graduating in May. You may call it procrastinating, but I call it relieving pressure and taking some time to myself. Okay, maybe I call it procrastinating too but Facebook and Twitter help me out with that most of the time. I thought this semester was going to be a breeze, but once we got here in August the higher authorities broke the news to us that we had to take our boards in December instead of April like in past years. Panic sets in. We have board review class we took over an entire weekend at the school. We also find out our research projects we have to present are due in November. Luckily we got this changed to January, but we still had parts of it due throughout the semester.

My last final is tomorrow. Yes, we had to take 5 finals this week. Breathe. I have to keep telling myself positive affirmations to keep my chin up and to stop freaking out. My mom told me when I was home over Thanksgiving break that I would get a 100% on the boards (laughable), so I keep telling myself that and it makes me happier. Eating has become constant too, especially in the last week. My roommate, Katie who is also in my class, says she woke up from sleeping last night around 12:30am and was starving, so she had a snack. Things like this crack me up cause I can just envision the person doing it, but my imagination sort of makes everyone cartoon characters of themselves.

So, onto this blog. I need to be creative. I miss writing poetry, taking pictures, being out in nature. I am hoping that I will keep up with this cause I have the tendency to get tired of online journal sort of things after a while. When I get home, as in Huntington, for my winter break and after I am finished taking my boards on December 21st, I am planning on putting on here my list of “Things I want to do before I’m 35”. I don’t know why 35 but it sounded like a good number at the time. I wrote this list like 7 years ago and have been crossing off some items since, but also would like to add to it.

I know I’m not witty, I’m actually pretty cheesy (runs in the family along with dropping food on your shirt while you’re eating, but that’s beside the point). I don’t spell the best or write the best, but like I said: I need a creative outlet. I’ve already written 3 pages double-spaced, which would bore you now if I put it all up at once, so I will only partially post until next time…


Amanda said...

This is why I started my blog too. Just needed an outlet! I'm sure it seems very stressful now, but just think of it this way...it's coming and you can't stop it, so just brace for it and it will be over soon! Honestly that's how I deal with any the major stressful events in my life! I"ll be looking forward to your blogs!

mariahsmile said...

Thanks Amanda!