Monday, January 17, 2011

Week #21

This week was pretty busy, like I told you on Friday! Here are some more details about it!

Day 141: So I broke down and got a 2011 planner. Well, it's not like I don't love them or anything, but ever since I got out of school I didn't think I would need such a thing! Anyway, it'll help me with wedding planning and it was on sale for only $2.48 at Target!

Day 142: I kept close tabs on my phone (my old Samsung, I want a new one soon!) all day because the dentist I interviewed with the week before told me multiple times before leaving his office that he would call me and let me know on Monday. Did I know Monday? No. So unprofessional. I called Tuesday afternoon. Did I get the job? No. Am I terribly upset? No. But do I need a job and money? Yes. Sigh.

Day 143: On Sunday I awoke with a pain in my neck. I thought maybe I had a swollen lymph node or something. I tried applying a warm compress to it multiple times a day and taking Ibuprofen, but by Tuesday it was still getting bigger. I went to the doc and he said it was an infected hair follicle. I guess it is really close to my baby hairs on my neck, but how did it get infected? So now I am on antibiotics again.

Day 144: Decided to switch over to another purse that was bigger. It's amazing how good it feels to go from a small purse jam packed with everything to a nice, big one with plenty of room to spare!

Day 145: Today was my momma's birthday! I took her out to eat and we picked out some cupcakes! Top Left: Vanilla Bean - Bottom Left: Key Lime with raspberry filling - Middle 2: Chocolate with chocolate icing and chocolate filling (my fave of the day!) - Right 2: Italian Cream.

Day 146: Painted my fingernails She's So Glitzy by Milani - probably my most favorite pink polish!

Day 147: Saturday was supposed to be our tasting at the venue we want for our wedding. But on Friday the guy called me back (after I had called to make sure we were still on for the next day) to say that he had something "come up" and had to reschedule. That he had tried calling me many times this past week to let me know. I asked what phone number he had for me and it was wrong. I don't get it really cause we had talked on the phone multiple times before. Maybe he forgot and was making an excuse? Should I even have my wedding at a place like this? Hmmmm... well, I rescheduled for this coming Saturday so we'll see. I also went to Phil's work party this day. It was short and sweet - eat food, give door prizes, mingle, leave. *picture shows schedule in my new planner!*

Now I have a busy upcoming week! Tell ya all about it next Monday!


Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Oh my gosh! I hope the swelling goes down on your neck! I bet that must hurt!

JMJE said...

Those cupcakes look good. I would like a key lime and raspberry one. Good luck on getting a job and hope your neck feels better.