Friday, March 5, 2010

A Cat Jumped On My Face!

I was thinking I was going to actually blog all this Sunday evening after Phil left, but he is not feeling too well tonight so I sent him to bed with Ibuprofen at 7:30pm! I hope this means he'll feel better in the morning and will want to get up earlier than usual to do something fun!

Since you all read about how bad last week was, I tried to be very optimistic this week! And it did make a difference... I found a board patient Thursday! This makes me feel a million times better! I just hope they are reliable and will show up! It would be nice to have a back-up patient too for just about that reason alone, because I am almost 100% certain they meet all the requirements to be my board patient.

That brings me to today, well last night too, cause Adam came to visit me! We spent the day together today and went to eat Indian food for lunch! It was so great to be able to just talk and have someone listen and to know they care! Not like I don't have anyone else around me that cares, but Adam has been my #1 best friend for a very long time and he just understands me, and I him. Out of our talks came the title of today's blog, in case you were wondering! Adam told me this and it cracked me up, but also made me want to start my cat farm more than ever!

While Adam was here, he started talking about making a Bucket List. I had actually considered it before, and have made my "Things to do before I'm 35" list, but he made me excited to actually start this new list. I also LOVE watching that show on MTV called "The Buried Life". So I thought that when I come up with an idea, I would just add it to a list on the side-column on this page! Go look for the beginnings of it now!

Almost 5 minutes after Adam left today, Phil pulled in. He wasn't himself really and it concerned me. He said he hadn't felt good since yesterday but just thought it was because he was having a hard day at work. But he still doesn't feel well. We did end up going to the mall to see "Alice in Wonderland" and he made it through. Once we got back to my place though, he went to bed like I stated above.

Now with my review of "Alice in Wonderland"! I thought it was great! We went to see the 3D version, but to tell you the truth I would like it just the same in 2D. The story is the same one we grew up knowing, but the special effects and acting was great! Johnny Depp was, of course, amazing! The acting made me forget they weren't the actual characters. I would recommend that you go see it. Very colorful. There was only one questionable part of the movie that made me think "why did they do it that way?" and seemed kind of out of place with the time period of the movie. I won't ruin it for you though!

Have a great weekend everyone!


Amanda said...

A cat farm sounds amazing -- DO IT. :)

Hope he feels better soon! There is nothing..NOTHING..worse than a sick man.

Miranda Tucci said...

I sooo wanna see Alice in Wonderland! I'm glad you liked it!!

I hope Phil feels better sooN!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I got to see Alice in Wonderland too but only in a regular theater. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

ad said...

That Dagney is a crazy cat! - ad.