Friday, March 19, 2010

Lucky Animals Love Cupcakes!

So I finally finished reading the Michael J. Fox book, “Always Looking Up”. It was like a rundown of all that has happened in the last 10 years since he wrote “Lucky Man”. You don’t have to read “Lucky Man” to understand this book, but he does refer to it some. The book is divided into 4 parts: Work, Politics, Faith, and Family. The majority of the book is on Politics, which I am not a big fan of, but he made it interesting in the fact that it was about him promoting stem cell research for Parkison’s Disease. My favorite part of the book is the one on Family. I think it interests me most because it’s like getting a glimpse of a celebrity’s life behind all the cameras and shows they are all like the rest of us. Michael J. Fox is very knowledgeable about the disease he is afflicted with and is not afraid to make fun of himself. He is a pretty witty guy throughout the book and I would definitely recommend people to read it.

I am now starting to read George Orwell's "Animal Farm". I had read part of it in high school as part of a requirement, but never got the chance to read the whole thing. Phil got me the book for Valentine's Day cause it is one of his faves.

I watched the movie “I Love You, Man” for the first time this week! It was hilarious! Now I finally understand some of the quotes I hear my friends talking about like “Totally… Totes McGotes”! Good stuff there. I need to share this movie with Phil because it has The Hulk in it and we are a little obsessed with all things Hulk, more so him than me.

Please go vote for Dorothy, from Kitchen Koala's, cupcakes at I ♥ Cuppycakes! They are caramel Irish cream cupcakes and look so pretty! You can see her post on them here.


JMJE said...

I read Animal Farm in 6th grade for school and really feel like I need to read it again. I'm pretty sure I did not understand it in sixth grade. Also, I Love You Man is like one of my favorite movies. Slappin the Bass man.

Amanda said...

GREAT. now I want a cupcake even more than before. :)

I think I need to see this I love you man movie...I've heard several people talk about it recently!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I absolutely love M.J Fox! I've been wanting to read his books for some time now. Once I get my mountain of books that I have sitting in the corner read, then I'm going to get his. I'm glad you liked it!