Sunday, January 22, 2012

Valentine's Wreath

I know I promised to show you my Valentine's Day wreath I wanted to make, and I think it turned out just okay. Let me know what you think...

I used the flowers from my bridesmaid bouquet from my friend's wedding I was in several years ago. After the wedding, I hung the bouquet upside down until after my wedding when I put my bridal bouquet in it's place! I was inspired to use it for my wreath.

My mom purchased this wreath around my wedding and thought we could use it. We didn't use it there, but I was looking for something to put up on my door in place of the Christmas wreath so it came in handy anyway.

And the finished product! I think it turned out good enough. I kind of just placed the dried flowers in between the branches of the wreath, so I hope the wind won't be too harsh on it! At least our porch is covered and the rain can't get to it! I kinda want to have something hanging down in the middle, like a cute little Valentine's sign or something. What do you think?

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Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I think it turned out nice!