Monday, April 5, 2010


I've been really bad about posting recently, so I apologize! My time here in Morgantown is down to 6 more weeks (39 days to be exact), then I will never have to return! Hooray!!! One fun thing about my program is making the monthly bulletin board for the pediatric clinic. The March bulletin is shown in the picture above.
I've been super busy and I will tell you a little about that now.

My mom came to visit me, here in Morganhole, 2 weeks ago. We mostly drove around and shopped almost everywhere it seems and ate in between. Two weeks from now I have my dental hygiene formal, so we were looking for me a dress. Good ole Dress Barn to the rescue! No need to go anywhere else but the first place I looked, of course.

One week later, I got to go home for spring break! I love being home. Very comforting to be there with my family and Phil. So mom and I have been planning a trip for spring break, she took off the whole week from work just to go, and up until "the breakup" I was all for it. But since now I have to shell out so many bucks to take that stupid test over again, I felt really bad spending more money to go on this mini-trip but then I would feel bad to let my mom down by not going too. So we went. And it was a good time! We went to Asheville, NC where we went to the Biltmore and toured it for hours! It is ginormous! Apart from the actual "house" there were gardens, a winery, so much land and awesome views!

Mom and drove around using my GPS, Rudy. It helped most when looking for places to eat. We went to a place called "Papa's and Beer" and it was a Mexican restaurant. Go figure. It had some amazing bean dip in place of salsa. Rudy also helped us find places to shop. Some places good, some places not so much. In the good place we found I bought the book I am currently reading, which you can see in the column to your right. I also broke down and bought some eyeshadow primer called Too Faced Shadow Insurance. Mucho expensivo but it works great! Plus it was nice to not have to order online. I'm weird like that.
One day of our trip we treated ourselves to lunch at The Grove Park Inn in the Sunset Terrace. We both got the special which was a mushroom and cheese ravioli, drank sweet tea, and we shared a dessert. Delicious! And it also had spectacular views and a spa that I would have died to been able to go to!After we came home from this mini-vacay, I headed up to Charleston at 7am the next morning to volunteer and try to find me another board patient. I went to the Health Right there and I actually found someone! I just hope it turns out, but I'm seeing this patient again this week for a mid-week journey to Charleston and back to Morgantown. It's like teasing me that I actually get to go home, but then no. I also toured WV Tech's dental clinic with the other 3 girls that are taking it there with me.

Then came Easters. Two Easters. On Saturday, Phil and I spent time with and ate dinner with my family. We colored eggs, hid them and hunted them with my little cousin, and I tried to find a board patient out of my family members. No luck there! Anyway, I was hiding the eggs with my little cousin and she went in the grass and dumped them all out of the basket and started putting them "night night". She was covering them up with leaves, then she said she was putting Dora on, and pretended to turn off the lights. It was too cute! That is how many of our eggs ended up being cracked, but they served their purpose.

On Sunday, before I left to go back to school, Phil and I ate with his family at his grandmother's house. Very relaxing and I didn't want to leave :(

So that should be it really to catch y'all up! Oh, and WVU lost in the Final 4. Didn't watch it but heard it wasn't pretty. No comment really. Not a basketball fan or a WVU fan, but do support WV! haha Alright, enough already :)


Crazy Shenanigans said...

First of all I'm glad you're back! I'm glad you had a great time in NC. I've wanted to go to the Biltmore for forever but I can never seem to get there!
I love eyeshadow primer. I'm out right now and need to get to Sephora for some more!

Sarah Mac said...

Glad you'll be out of Morgantown soon! :)

I've never been to Biltmore. I hear it is really awesome at Christmas time!!

mariahsmile said...

My mom and dad had gone to the Biltmore in spring later than we went this time, and mom said it was beautiful with all the flowers in bloom. Still pretty without though! I could only imagine it surrounded in snow!

LOVE Sephora!

JMJE said...

I'm from NC but have not been to Biltmore in years. We used to go on field trips there. I kind of want to go again. I think I'd appreciate it more now.

Carri and the gang said...

You were down in my neck of the woods! Biltmore is amazing and yes it is also spectacular at Christmastime. Didn't you love Grove Park Inn? They have a really neat gingerbread house contest at Christmastime so if you ever make it back to Asheville at the holidays you'd have 2 things to do!

You're little cousin is a cutie-pie!

Sara said...

Hi- thank you for commenting on my blog (Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes). I was looking at your blog and saw you went to visit the Biltmore- we're (ironically) visiting there in October (our first time). I have always heard about the Grove Park Inn- can I ask you what restaurant you dined at there? Any other restaurant recos in Asheville area? Any tips on visiting the Biltmore?

Kay said...

Sounds like a fabulous vacation! The Biltmore is absolutely gorgeous; I've never had a chance to see the gardens and I'm so jealous of you!